Wednesday, October 21, 2009

if i were a scientist

If I were a scientist, Firstly, I will try to find the remedy for HIN1. Recently, HIN1 which is also known as Influenza A and Pandemic flu is a very dangerous disease. This kind of disease is originally come from pig. People who are suffered from this disease will have lot symptoms for example coughing, body ache, headache, flu and also bad fever. Besides, when this disease become worse, the patient will die easily. In addition, until now, there are about thousands people died because of it. So, we are encouraged to wear mask in order to prevent the spreading of this disease. Because there is no remedy was found until now, hence, if I were a scientist, I will try to invent the solution for it.

Secondly, as a scientist, I also will some medicine to cure AIDS. AIDS is actually a disease which will effect the whole body especially the imunity. It is also spreading by sharing the injections, unsafely sexual relations, and also blood transition. As far as I concern, until now, there is no remedy are found to cure this hazardous disease. However according to Reader digest’s book, there are almost 10 people died every day because of this killer disease. So, as a scientist, it is my responsibility to find the remedy quickly in order to save people.

Thirdly, If I were a scientist, I will try to invent the remedy for Glaukoma disease. Glaukoma is the disease which is related to eyes. This kind of disease will affect the eyes slowly until the patient become blind. Although, there are a lot of modern treatments right now, such as laser and surgery, but they still cannot be able to cure this disease. My best friend also was suffered from this disease. As her friend, I hope that she can be able to see with both of her eyes. That is the reason on why I want to invent the medicine for this disease.

Fourthly, if I were a scientist, I will also try to find the solution to cure Down syndrome’s disease. The reason why I want to invent the remedy for this disease is because I have a cousin who suffered from it. This disease usually identified during pregnancy. The cause of Down Syndrom is actually because of the lack or overlimit or the chromosomes in Zygots. Sometimes, the usage of wrong medicine among pregnant women also might affect the prenatal. So, when the baby is delivered and grow up, they are unable to move, to talk and to speak. Hence, if were a scientist, I want to find the remedy for it. Although I know, it is impossible to cure this disease, but I believe, in this world, there are no diseases that can not be cure and we have to try for it.

All the reasons above are why I really want to be a scientist.

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