Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today,my group was announced as a Champion of the game...Alhamdulillah, i'm quite happy wif that..But thing which is come into my mind is about her condition..I really worried about my friend, Syarnissa..Her disease comes again and killed my mood..Yesterday,we have planned to go to Aquaria and Petrosains on this becoming Sunday..I really wanna go out wif her..I have cancelled my program which is Volunteer servica wif animal at Zoo Negara just wanna be there...huhu..

My dream since i was in CFS is to bring all of my friends and my family to Petrosains,KLCC..When i know that UIA has organised the tour to Aquaria and Petrosains,i quickly registered and ask my friends to join..We just have to pay only Rm10 and actually the real price is around Rm 30..

Petrosains is the most fantastic place that i have ever been in my life..Dun ask me,"What about the mosque?"hehehe....YEA YEA YEA...mOSQUE also lah...But now,i talk about science and technology..I have been there twice..firstly when i was in standard 6 and secondly,YTR camp..There are a lot of things that u can learn and u can feel...Believe me!

What about Aquaria?never..I never been there becoz the cost is too expensive(can accomadate my food around 3 days)..In addition,there are only fish there....Fish for eat!not to display!hehe..
So by joining this program,i can save a lot of money...hahahah....Smart gurl right?

Get well soon my friend-let's go to Petrosains!!!!!!!!!!hurray!!!!!!!!

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