Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halaqah sec 16

Salam to all dearest sisters in Halaqah sec 16, this is your carry mark,just click at the picture to see it with the best view ;-).Anything relating to that,just inform me ASAP k...n tomorrow we will be having our class at 12 oo noon... Same venue,HS LR 5.The attendance is actually not compulsory but it is VERY ,VERY,VERY, EXTREMELY important for you because we probably will discuss about the things that will be come out in your exam... Please bring along all your papers or Quran which contain Surah and Hadith given u before...

Click once at the picture for clearer view..

*The evaluation of Commitment is totally based on your participation and attendance.
*Shaksiah=Dress code and adab.
*For presentation,divide the total mark into 2 because the accurate mark is 10%.

Good luck for your final exam..Remember that carry mark is not the end of your result...Keep trying and trying harder during exam...
May Allah bless all of u and granted the Sakinah during your examination;-)

~Sory for any shotcoming from me~

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